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My images are about beauty in a world where modern ruins and high technology coexist, where the old and the new contrast and complement each other. Full of mystery, quandaries, and questions, without any given answers, they do not fit into any conventional or tangible notions of beauty, except perhaps in the beauty of geometry. Predominant are the hard surfaces and shapes of structures -- metal, concrete, brick, and glass -- that consist of strong angles and curves. Among the shadows and mazes of these structures lay implied narratives, which I attempt to show rather than tell by utilizing maximum depth of field and thus allowing viewers to actively explore a scene and create their own story.

The modern beauty that I explore is clean, strong, and, most importantly, infused with a sense of exoticism and intelligence derived from easier global access and a mix of global influences. This exoticism is what differentiates it from most of yesterday’s strictly minimalist aesthetic and makes it pertinent to today. Most importantly, it is warm and vaguely nostalgic in order to counterbalance and make sense of the impersonal, intellectual, and controlled nature of our increasingly high tech world.

Warmth in my work comes from high quality of light, which, amidst constantly changing concepts of art and beauty, remains timeless and classic. Night or day, the right lighting can turn a good image into a great image. When the lighting and the image work in perfect harmony to express a specific thought, the result is sublime. I thrive on the challenge of working with existing light and situations rather than constructing or reconstructing a scene. By relinquishing control, I open up the possibility of a happy fate -- a sudden passing car, a trail of smoke from an airplane, a ripple of water -- that takes an image to a higher level. These surprises are delightful, tiny epiphanies and the ultimate manifestation of beauty.