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  "Tar Wolf Review" is a journal of poetry and art from both established and emerging writers and artists.  Issue 2 (Fall 2004) is 64 pages. Artists include Tram Davies (cover)...  For your own copy, send US$6 to Tar Wolf Review, Subscriptions, P.O. Box 2038, Clarkrange, TN 38553 or visit their web site at
  Tram Davies photography was featured on the cover of the Huntington Beach Art Center's Winter 2004 artsLETTER. 


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December 12 - 18, 2003

  In the third gallery, Tram Daviesí black-and-white photos are absolutely lovely. The first, Exit, is a road scene so clear you can see each individual scrap of roadside mulch, while the cars coming toward us have the same glowing headlights that might have hypnotized you into complacency as a child on long Sunday night car trips. ( here to read the entire review...)
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December 14, 2003

  Looking at Tram Davies' pristine, elegant photographs (selenium-toned silver gelatin prints) of outdated shopping malls, sleek office buildings abandoned for the night and quaint apartment houses awaiting their date with the wrecking ball, one gets a feeling of material obsolescence as well as of the transient and temporal nature of existence. These structures are not meant to last. But then, neither are we, and that makes those coldly perfect compositions, shot only in available light, compelling and somewhat scary. ( here to read the entire review...)